• T1 Preparation

  • Low Income

  • Students

  • Seniors

  • Investments

  • Rental Properties (Except Air B&B)

  • Newcomers to Canada

  • T1 Adjustments

  • Small & Home Based Business

  • Sole Proprietorships

  • GST Filing

  • CRA Reviews

Services we do not offer

T2 Corporate, T3 Trusts, Full Cycle Bookkeeping, Non-resident,

Cross Border, Farm, Air B&B and Cashback.

Work from home
Business representative

We prepare all in person returns on a drop off basis only.

Stop by anytime during business hours.  

Once completed, we will contact you for pickup.

Turn around time is 3 days for most types of returns.

*If you have complexities or are self-employed,

please allow at least a week for preparation.


Questions regarding your return before dropping off?

We would love to connect with you on the phone or in person. 

New Clients with complex inquiries, are encouraged to contact us or book a phone consult, before stopping by, to ensure we are a right fit for your needs.


Book an Appointment

Questions regarding your tax return?

*Appointments are solely for questions and advice regarding your tax return.
If you require tax preparation, this will happen on a drop off basis only
and not during your appointment.