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  • T1 Preparation

  • Low Income

  • Students

  • Seniors

  • Investments

  • Rental Properties (Except Air B&B)

  • Newcomers to Canada

  • T1 Adjustments

  • Small & Home Based Business

  • Sole Proprietorships

  • GST Filing

  • CRA Reviews

Services we do not offer

T2 Corporate, T3 Trusts, Full Cycle Bookkeeping, Non-resident,

Cross Border, Farm, Air B&B, Crypto Businesses and Cashback.

Work from home
Business representative
File in Person

In person returns are prepared,

on a drop off basis only.

Stop by anytime during business hours.  

Once completed, we will contact you for pickup.

Current turn around time is 2-3 business day for basic returns.

*If you have complexities or are self-employed,

please allow at least 1 week for preparation.


Questions regarding your return before dropping off?

Give us a call or email, if your question cannot be answered on the spot,

we will book you an appointment with a Tax Specialist.

New Clients with complex inquiries, are encouraged to contact us or book a phone consult, before stopping by, to ensure we are a right fit for your needs.

Book an Appointment

Questions regarding your return?
Book an Appointment

*Appointments are solely for questions and advice regarding your tax return.
If you require tax preparation, this will happen on a drop off basis only.