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E-Filing included!

  • Base Rate starts at $68 + $2 per income slip. Additional charges for Special Credits/Deductions, Self-Employment, Rentals and Investments.

  • Self Employment Rate starts at $175: Prices vary due to complexity & time required.

  • Student Flat Rate $45: Must have valid T2202 with 4+ months Full Time and income less than $25,000.  *No complex returns, investments or self employment.

  • Senior Discount 65+ 20% off total preparation cost.

  • Government Benefit Filing Rate $30: To qualify you must only have a T5007, CPP/OAS, no income &/or under 18 in the tax year.

  • Adjustments & CRA Reviews: Prices vary depending on nature of request.

For a more specific quote based on your situation, please contact us or use our INSTANT QUOTE feature.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

How does online tax filing work?

Online tax filing is a secure and easy-to-do alternative to filing your taxes in person. You receive the same quality and dedication from our team, it just all happens in the virtual world. Click the file online to begin and follow the prompts. A Tax Specialist will reach out to you if more information is required or upon completion.

Do I need an appointment to file my taxes in person?

No Appointment is required, you can simply drop off your documents anytime and we will call you when it is completed.  If you have questions regarding your return or are a new client with complexities, please call our office before stopping by.

I'm missing my income tax slips, what do I do?

We may be able to access missing income tax slips for you on the CRA website.  If the income tax slips have not been reported to CRA, you will need to contact the issuer to have them sent to you.

I am filing in person and only have my tax slips electronically. What do I do?

In order for us to efficiently prepare your tax return, please print out or email us your electronic documents.

I filed my taxes, how long will my refund take?

If electronically filed before the deadline, and you have direct deposit setup with Canada Revenue Agency. Refunds will take approximately 10 days. Add 1 week for cheque mailing if you do not have direct deposit setup. Other circumstances such as Pre-assessments and special deductions can hold up processing times by CRA.

I missed reporting income or deductions and have already filed, what can I do?

Not a problem, we can file a T1 adjustment for you. Rates start at $45, contact us to discuss further pertaining to your situation.

I am behind on filing multiple years. Can you help me?

Absolutely we can assist in filing up to 10 years back. We encourage not falling more than 3 years behind, as you may lose out on certain tax credits.

I have moved and did not receive my refund or GST. What do I do?

When you file your tax return, your address will be updated for you at that time with CRA.  If you move after filing, please call

1-800-959-8281 or login to your My CRA Account to update with Canada Revenue Agency to ensure all of your benefits continue. Setting up direct deposit will also assist with avoiding missed future payments. For security purposes, we cannot update your address with CRA after you have filed, only at filing.

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